3D Animated Series
Boys and Girls 3-6 years old
7 Minutes Episodes

Creator / Director / Co-Writer
Production Designer

Currently being airing at Disney Junior and Disney Channel in Brazil.

Aboard Atlas, a flying ship, kids will travel with Dino and his friends through a world that is only possible in imagination. During the episodes, they will experience many adventures within flying islands which will teach the kids how to deal with real world situations. Every adventure has a different theme, such as: dealing with their fears, learning to share, recognizing the importance of friendship and more!

Developing, creating and directing this series was, without doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences I´ve ever had. The whole crew was ecstatic with the warm and positive feedback we got from both children and parents.

 I am very fond of this project and of the time I spent working alongside so many amazing people.

I cannot talk about this project without talking about the people who made it happen. It was truly a pleasure to assemble this team full of talented artists and friends.
We were a small crew and it was amazing to see how everybody was invested in making this happen.
To all of you: it was a pleasure to share this journey with you.