“Lets get moving ´cause I want to be back before lunch.” said the hunter as he climbed onto the boat and threw a small bag of coins to the ferryman, who counted the coins and started rowing.

Deeper into the swamp, the Hunter saw a deer. He drew his arrow and aimed the bow, but before he could shoot the sailor held his arm and pointed to a nearby tree where a raven was staring at them. “The Silence of the Ravens.” whispered the ferryman.

The deer realized it was being watched and ran. The hunter aimed his bow again and shot an arrow that barely hit the target.

“Stupid! You almost made me miss!” said the hunter.

“What have you done?” asked the ferryman fearfully. “The Silence of the Raven is the law of the swamps, this is how she hunts!” he said, pointing to the raven again “They are her eyes!”

“Whose eyes?” asked the hunter.

Arriving from everywhere, Ravens started surrounding the boat. Nearby, a strange figure appeared, a woman with branches sprouting from her head.

“The Witch of Tyr” answered the ferryman, who was never to be found again.