Old Friend

Visual Development for Personal Project

Old Friend

He stops walking, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, feeling the air in his lungs. “I am close.”, he thinks as he starts walking again. The jungle is dense, the light barely passes through the leaves of the trees, the path is full of rocks, vines and plants that make walking a difficult task.

“How am I gonna know that I found it?” is the question that has kept him awake for the past few days. He´s never seen a Stone Giant before, he doesn´t know what they look like, all he heard from his master was “You will know it”.

Just a few steps in front of him, lies a huge rock with weird shapes, covered with vines. He stops walking, feeling strange. “This is not a rock.”

I´ve been developing this project for quite some time now and all of these are visual development of what I´ve been writing. As I write, pictures keep popping up in my mind and some of them are so alive that I have to paint them. It is all part of my creative process, writing inspires my paintings as my painting inspires my writing.

Upgrading Thumb 1
Upgrading Thumb 2