Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury


“To live without knowing the past is to walk in the dark.”

In 2009 this movie was going through some hard times, the studio that was producing it wasn´t doing the work that the project required and the director and his crew were very frustrated.

In 2010 me and a friend, who was the previous animation director of the movie, decided to open an animation studio so we could help make this project happen.  We believed a lot in its potential and we wanted to make it the best way we could.

Apart from helping in many sections of the movie, I also created a new workflow that involved 3D scenarios in the layouts of the movie. This helped a lot the animation and the art department. We were able to add camera movements and more dramatic camera angles. Also, the background department could start at the same time as the animation department.

We had the director very close and it was amazing to be able to produce the movie that he wanted. We couldn´t believe when the movie won Annecy in 2013, it was just to good to be true.

“… the mix of computer-generated imagery, hand-drawn simplicity in the humans and depth-conscious, textured backgrounds makes for a potent visual intelligence.”

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times.

“A rare example of an animated film designed to advance political ideas, its message goes down easily thanks to its potent doses of colorful mythology.”

Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“A bolt and striking adult animated film that traverses 600 years of Brazilian history…”

Mark Adams, Screen Daily